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Our Equipment

CNC Mill

Whether you already have a design, or need to take your project from paper to finished product, our CNC team is anxious to help you out. We have a vast amount of experience in both design and production.

Our CNC mill table is 20" x 40", ensuring we can build even very large parts. If what you have is a CAD drawing, we can program the mill directly from your drawing. And yes, it's a 3D mill, allowing the greatest flexibility and the most consistent part production.

The staff that operates the mill has over 45 years of experience building custom machining and production runs. TP Machining Center's team knows what it takes to build parts that you can count on for quality and durability.

If it's one part or thousands, our CNC Mill is ready to serve you.

CNC Lathe

With a 10" Chuck, we can handle jobs of any size up to 12.5" in diameter. Our lathe gives us the ability to serve our customers with affordable, quality machining. It also allows us to machine complex shapes that require both turning and milling.  

Traditional Machining

No machine shop can offer true flexibility without offering traditional machining. No matter how simple or complex the job, the experienced staff at TP Machining Center can match your exact specifications. 

For your complex part needs, we can combine the speed of our CNC with the experience and delicate touch of our professional machine operators.

When the job has to be done right, call TP Machining Center.